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Las Vegas age restricted community

Solera at Stallion Mt. is one of the newest age restricted communities in the Las Vegas area. It opened for sale as of July 2005. At total of 840 homes are in this community. This will make it the smallest of all the Pulte Dell Webb communities in this area. It has all the bells and whistles of other Pulte age restricted product, just on a smaller scale. Included is a recreation center, pool, tennis courts and bocce ball courts It is gated which will be new for Plute Del Webb in this area. There is in fact a guard gate at the entrance to Stallion Mt. Once inside the main Stallion Mt. gate, there is a second gate into Solera at Stallion Mt. All the communities in Stallion Mt. are in the proximity of the private Stallion Mt. Country Club. The golf course at Stallion Mt. and its associated facilities had gone into bankruptcy, but is now open again. Solera at Stallion Mt. opened for sale, July 2005 and is now sold out.. The elevation at Solera at Stallion Mt. is roughly 1,670 ft. above sea level.

Resale sales activity over the last 90 days as of January 10, 2022 reflects selling prices from $293,000 to $400,000 with a median sales price of $361,000. Median list price, per sq. ft. for listed properties is $263.00

There has been, over the years, some prejudice towards this area on the east side, but I think that many buyer’s see the relative security of the project as well as the proximity to the strip/airport area as being a big plus.

I have previously figured the distance from the main gate at Stallion Mountain Las Vegas. to the center of the strip at Flamingo and Las Vegas Blvd. to be 5 miles. This will make this community the most centrally located of all the Pulte/Del Webb communities, closest to the airport/strip area. It is located east of Boulder Highway off of Flamingo, on the east side of town. If you would like more information on this community please email me or call me.

solera stallion

solera stallion

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