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Below is a showcase of some of the currently listed Executive homes in the Las Vegas area. This information is updated every 24 hours.

I have given some thought to how I want to revise this page. Given that, at the time of this writing 1 in 8 homes inside the valley have a market value greater than $1,000,000. I did a map search for homes priced greater than 1.6 million I found them in most parts of the valley, excepting the near north side. I have subsequently added a link for a map search (see above). They are mostly everywhere from the older central area to what were considered the suburbs in the 1950’s and 1960’s  Gradually as building extended farther out, into the foothills, luxury homes in planned communities started to dominate, starting around 1990, for the next 30 years, and still do. Custom luxury homes, are in the northeast and northwest and southwest part of the valley. In these areas they are usually on larger parcels of land that in planned communities. Good luck in your search. My only advise would be to look everywhere and don’t confine yourself.

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